Idaho RTAP Program

The Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) is a federal program established and funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). In Idaho – where a rural lifestyle prevails and mobility in that environment is uniquely challenging - the Idaho RTAP program provides significant and specific support. Idaho RTAP's focus on stimulating mobility in rural areas is also integral to the development and implementation of I-way, Idaho's vision for a statewide system that connects people through an exciting mix of transportation options, giving Idaho an economic and quality-of-life advantage, while keeping our state clean and beautiful.

Use the links to the right to request an Idaho RTAP Scholarship, or to get more information about the program. For questions, contact Mark Bathrick at ITD at or 208-334-8210.

Statewide Advisory Committee

Idaho’s RTAP Statewide Advisory Committee provides district level leadership in the support and design of program policies. Policies will be guided by the goals outlined in the RTAP Idaho Program Plan which is consistent with FTA’s intent, aligned with the I-way vision, and guided by stakeholder input.

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