2014 a Good Year for Protected Bike Lanes Nationally


As we move into 2015 stopping to reflect on the growth of protected bike lanes in the media shows a lot of success.

The chart below shows English based newspapers, magazines, websites and newsletters from around the world mentioning "protected bike lane[s]" by year.

It's very easy to see the exponential growth of this topic in media, which means a great deal for awareness. Growth in awareness is important and can be seen going hand-in-hand with protected bike lane projects that took place. The chart below shows protected bike lane projects started by year.  

Peopleforbikes followed the protected bike lane movement and had this to share, "Here it's possible to tell a very specific story about what happened. Protected lane projects started to gather steam in Bloomberg-era New York City, then got a big boost from Chicago in the first year of the Emanuel administration (2011-2012), then saw a lull in 2013 as those two cities finished off their low-hanging fruit and started tackling more difficult streets. Meanwhile, the country's less executive-focused cities caught up. Last year saw another spike in building as cities across the country installed their first, second or third such projects".


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