Bike Friendly Hotels Offer Vacationers a Green Option

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, a nationwide hospitality chain, is doing something new. The hotel chain is embracing the rise of bike culture by partnering with Public Bikes to outfit a fleet of bicycles that will be available to guests staying at any Kimpton location.

The New York Times recently featured the story in their Travel section.

The two San Francisco-based companies worked together to create a fleet of custom three-speed European-inspired street cruisers that feature cherry red frames with orange and blue accents, cream tires, matching double-walled rims, brass bells and rear baskets.

Guests at all properties can purchase picnic baskets with fare created by Kimpton Hotel restaurant chefs and featuring locally sourced goodies in three themes: light and healthy, romantic shareables, and local flair.

You can see the bikes for yourself simply by visiting Kimpton's website. You'll find a charming photograph of one with a basket already loaded to the brim with mouthwatering food.

Kimpton Hotels aren't in every state, but you can find them coast-to-coast all the same. They're in Washington State, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Florida. 

So if you're trying to plan your next vacation and any of those destinations appeal to you then you've got a unique opportunity on your hands. If you stay at a Kimpton hotel you'll be able to park your car for awhile, and you'll be able to experience the local flavor of your chosen destination up close and personal in a way that you'd never be able to see it if you spent your whole vacation trapped behind your windshield.