Local Option Authority

Senator Chuck Winder has been discussing bringing forward some form of local option authority legislation for consideration in the 2014 legislative session. The bill being considered by Senator Winder would allow for local option authority for:

  • Up to 1 percent in cities and counties for projects deemed by the city or county to promote safety, security and the general well-being of the people. 
  • It could be used for capital and operations for public transportation.
  • The legislation is a pay as you go basis and does not allow bonding or debt to be accrued. 
  • General Election
  • Simple Majority of Qualified Voters
  • Cities and counties must work together in using this tool as no city or county can go over the 1 percent maximum for this tool.
  • Those cities utilizing the resort city tax authority may still use this tool for up to an additional 1 percent as this legislation does not impact the resort city tax authority