Let your voice be heard! Join us in making a difference to enhance the quality of life for all Idahoans. When we work together to advance transportation in Idaho, we also improve the local economy, health and environment.


Most elected officials are under the impression that transit is not an important issue to voters. Without informing them of the importance of transportation options, we risk services being cut, fare increases and employee layoffs. When you support I’m 4 Transportation Options, your voice will be heard as we work with the Idaho Congressional Delegation and State Legislators to provide information and request support for bills that improve our quality of life.

Help us to continually improve transportation in Idaho by signing up today! Our goal is to create a strong united voice of Idahoans to send a message and educate our elected officials about the numerous benefits of improving public transportation and mobility in Idaho.

Please encourage your family, friends and coworkers to support transportation options through I'M 4 TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS so that together we can work to make a difference.

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In support of transportation solutions that create jobs, help the environment, and provide me with an alternative to fighting traffic congestion.

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